Born From The Prince Of Darkness

CryptoBatz is a collection of 9,666 blockchain dwelling bats, founded and creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne and built by a team of NFT obsessed nerds known as Sutter Systems.

CryptoBatz is a chance to own a completely unique piece of collectible art created by one of the most legendary rock icons of our lifetime.

Feast On The Flesh Of Other NFT"s

We wanted CryptoBatz to do something new, something that wasn’t easy, something that we hadn’t seen before. EVERY CRYPTOBAT HOLDS an innovative power… THE ABILITY TO ‘BITE’ AN NFT FROM A DIFFERENT BLUE CHIP PROJECT and CREATE A ‘MUTANTBAT’ THAT SHARES THE DNA OF BOTH tokens.

Every CryptoBat can bite ONCE and ONCE ONLY, so choose carefully, as What you choose to bite will dictate which MutantBat you create.

to bite from a selection of blue chip ‘victim’ projects, You must hold both the CryptoBat and the victim both in the same wallet. Biting utility will open up soon after public mint (exact date TBD).

Below is a list of ‘Victim Projects’ that your CryptoBatz will be able to ‘BITE’:

BAYC / CrypToadz / SupDucks / Alien Frens / CyberKongz

Dark Creatures With A Golden Ratio

Every CryptoBat trait has been creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne. Unlike some of Ozzy’s previous bat friends, these ones live safely in the metaverse and are not edible… yet.

But we went even further… to achieve the perfect composition, we followed THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE (ALSO KNOWN AS THE GOLDEN RATIO) making CryptoBatz artwork oddly pleasing to the eye and beautiful enough that you could hang on the wall next to that photo of grandma.

Note: CryptoBatz Roadmap is now complete

A world class team, with a big mission.

Ozzy Osbourne

Creative Director



Sutter Systems



Sutter Systems



Lead Dev


Community Manager


Head Moderator



Ozzy is best known as an international rock legend and lead vocalist for Black Sabbath. He is also a creative pioneer.

  • 100 million album sales
  • Named in Billboard's 25 Best Rockstars of All Time
  • Hit records range from Crazy Train (1980) to 'Take What You Want' with Post Malone & Travis Scott (2019)

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